Postcards From Prison

By Norma Jean Almodovar

These are from a series of cartoons created by Norma Jean for her husband while she was incarcerated at the California Institute for Women. If you would like to download the pdf version- ready for printing as a booklet, click here.

This page revised February 2012


The Ball and Chain-
my logo while in the "joint."


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According to the government's own statistics, 9 out of 10 inmates were in prison for drug related offenses. And, we were told, 9 out of 10 of us would be back in prison not long after we were paroled. With a recidivism rate that high, the State's rehabilitation program was obviously not very successful!
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My nightmare came true- just like so many other women who gained weight in prison, I gained nearly fifty pounds. And, because we had to drink water with lead in it, I started losing my hair! What a terrible deal for my husband to have his wife come home from prison fat and bald!

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The State of California (and presumably other states) receives money from the Federal Government for each bed that is occupied by an inmate with a drug related charge. Is it any wonder that the State has NO interest in preventing- through 'rehabilitation' -repeat visits?

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"Thanks, Ladies. That was lovely. Now get dressed! Yer under arrest fer prostitution!"
A vice cop takes advantage of his power by having sex with two ladies of the evening before he arrests them. Think it doesn't really happen? Think again!
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